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Burn Fat With The “Prowler”



If I’m 100% honest, I’d say that my personal training clients in Chichester clients have mixed feelings about the Prowler.

They don’t always love it whilst they’re pushing it but they LOVE the results they get from using it. When it comes to burning fat, getting fit and toning your body, there are few tools that will do the job as effectively and also as quickly.

From a personal trainer’s point of view, the Prowler is one of the secret weapons in your arsenal of fat burning tools. It’s safe, fun to use, unusual (so it interest’s clients) and highly effective. 

It’s also scaleable, which means that pretty much anyone can use it, whatever level of fitness, ability or training history you have you can get a great workout individualised to where you’re currently at.

But the best thing is that you can’t get it wrong. Once you’re in position, you just push.

In simple terms, the intense interval training created by using the Prowler will elevate your metabolism, creating an oxygen debt in your body that will keep you burning calories for 12-24 hours after your workout.

If you want to burn fat, get very fit and tone and shape your body, then this is good!

If you live in the Chichester area of West Sussex and want to burn fat, get fit and tone  your body, then you have to come and have a go on the Prowler.

Call us now on 01243 591658 to book your FREE, 45-minute weight loss consultation and we’ll throw in a FREE, 1 hour Personal Training Session to get you started.


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